This Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature BPA-free Travel Steam Steriliser is a unique in instructions leaflet Cold water method Place bottle, water and sterilising. I have also been wondering this as have lost instructions. Is it this one? www. It also says it is suitable. Browse through the Microwave Steam Steriliser product support page for all the vital information about this Tommee Tippee item. Discover more online now!.

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To find out more see our Cookies statement. How long will my bottle remain sterile if I leave it in my steriliser?

The chances are, the marks are milk residue. I personally find it easier to use in a microwave and measure out 80ml of water into the unsterilised bottle.

Should there be water left in the bottom after a cycle?

sreriliser The unit works by loading the basket and lid with a bottle and placing it in the base unit with 80 ml of water. How should I position bottles in my steriliser? It looks like you’re in a different country Change site? In a nutshell Small, convenient travel steriliser.

As with every microwave steriliser, make sure you let the steam escape through the valve at the top before opening, and follow the instructions carefully. As long as the steriliser is left unopened then the bottle will remain sterile for 3 hours.


The idea is to keep the bottle as clean and sterile as possible: Skip to main content. Should Sferiliser have a lot of steam during a cycle? You can watch it here, or you can just crack on using hot soapy water, rinsing well afterwards. The best position for this is upside down, placing the teat and the lid on the top at an angle. Sterilising insyructions bacteria, but bottles still need to be washed beforehand to remove any bits of milk clinging on inside.

Reviews Sterilisers Our score Mums’ score. This also means any condensation will drip back into the unit rather than making a mess for you to clear up. To find out more see our Cookies statement.

Tommee Tippee Single bottle travel steriliser

The simple white cylinder tub looks good when out and about, but is also very practical for those night-time feeds at home when my baby wants feeding immediately! Pour it straight into the base of the steriliser. Fortunately, the Tommee Tippee Travel Steriliser is compact enough to fit in your changing bag, and can solve this problem. Which bottles fit in the microwave steriliser?

Can I dry baby bottles after sterilisation? Contact us Get in touch Contact form. MadeForMums verdict A handy steriliser, small enough to fit in your changing bag. Just make sure you use the steam valve before opening. Do I really need to traevl my bottles? Still looking for an answer?

As with all white and clear plastic things they can get a bit stained and yucky-looking in the dishwasher gravel that Bolognese sauce or carrot soup you had last night. Alternatively, you can fill the unit with water and sterilising solution. The best travell to wash this is by hand in warm soapy water or you can use the dishwasher. Microwave Steam Steriliser Support. Ease of using 3. The best position for this is upside down, ideally at an angle.


Thankfully, you can cross this off your to-do list. Get in touch Contact Us. How much water should I use in my microwave steriliser? Pop it on the top shelf though. Find us on YouTube Twitter Pinterest. It looks like you’re in a different country Change site? The main reason for using a microwave or electric steriliser is that they are guaranteed to reach the deg C needed to kill off harmful bacteria that can build up in milk.

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How do you wash the steriliser? Hot soapy water will do the trick – a thorough wash, then rinse and pop them in your steriliser. After this time it will need to be sterilised again.

How do I reassemble my bottle after sterilisation? How do I clean my microwave steam steriliser?