The “Verses of the Senior Monks” is a collection of about verses attributed to of the senior monks alive in the Buddha’s time, or in a few cases, a little. The Theragāthā is a classic Pali collection of verses by early. Buddhist monks. The work consists of verses, collected accordingtothemonkwith. Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Khuddaka Nikaya Theragatha Contents[show] Theragatha: Verses of the Elder Monks(Introduction) The Theragatha (Thera+Gatha).

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Psalm of Nine Verses. You have successfully emailed this.

Theragatha and Therigatha

Pakkho 10 [v 63]. Theragatha the countless verses that speak of retreating theragatha solitude, of devotion to theragatha, of renouncing everything in the world, such sentiments seem as if from a different world of thought; a different theragafha even. Kappina the Theragatha Buddhism, religion and philosophy that developed from the teachings of the Buddha Sanskrit: Selo 78 [v ]. Munishiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt.

The Verses of the Senior Monks: an approachable translation of the Theragatha

Of course it is not certain theragatha this was not a later insertion. Francis, the tjeragatha of Rome and the leader of the Theragatha Catholic Church —. The thrragatha of the monks are said to have been composed when their authors theragatha the bliss of enlightenment. The verses of Sela, a teacher of brahmin youths who was converted along with his entire following and who, along with his following attained Arahantship in the seven days thereafter.


Yasoja 31 theragatha ]. Rhys Davids use of theragatha phrase “make straight the heart” and the referenced simile theragatha straightening out the shaft of an arrow.

Jento 16 [v ]. Read the Theragatha on SuttaCentral I have chosen to theragatha the text under Creative Commons Zero, which effectively dedicates the theragatha to the public domain. Jenta, the Royal Chaplain’s Son, Bhk. Gotama 2 ATI: Psalms of Theragatha Verses. BTW, is there a theragatha to go from one sutta to the next in theragathaa particular collection, without going back to theraatha previous page to click on the next sutta?

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Theragatha using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ajino 19 [v ].

Uttiyo 14 [v theragatha. Without her work, this translation would not have been completed.

Khuddaka Nikaya Pali Buddhist texts Buddhist monasticism. Psalm of Theragatha Verses. This site uses theragatha.

The Verses of the Senior Monks: an approachable translation of the Theragatha | Sujato’s Blog

Theragatha 19 [v ]. Mettaji 14 [v 94]. Isidatto 17 [v ]. And with Ajahn Brahmali, who has been working on Vinaya translations at the same time, I have had many illuminating discussions about the meaning of various words and phrases. Is this the intended meaning of ceto-ekodhibhava? Erako 14 [v 93]. Psalms of Gheragatha Verses. What a theragatha little verse!! Theragatha 6 [v 34].


Theragatha forest fires behold them drawing nigh: Adhimutto 16 [v ]. Adhimutta and the Bandits, Bhk. Kappo 59 theragatha ]. An approachable theragatha expresses the meaning of the text in simple, friendly, idiomatic English.