possess something he wanted? And the people the enforcers should protect but. harmed instead? She couldn‟t walk away, but that meant she had to escape. 12 Feb A book review by Kimberley Jackson of Cherise Sinclair’s erotic BDSM science fiction romance “The Starlight Rite” (Rating R!). 2 May Title: Cherise Sinclair – The starlight rite, Author: Livros & Chocolate, Name: Cherise Sinclair – The starlight rite, Length: pages, Page: 1.

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The Starlight Rite by Cherise Sinclair | LibraryThing

I found the explanation for the new world at the back, but for me this was not needed as the story was so Loved loved this book. The Starlight Rite by Cherise Sinclair. While trying starlighr escape her evil husband, Mella ends up stranded on a far away colony planet, Nexus.

There was action, hot sex, an alien orgy, and a HEA. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Thhe being given an aphrodisiac without her consent or knowledgeelectrocuted, informed that she 4 stars for story. Dain was a great hero and I loved how possessive he was of Mella even when he thought she was a thief. I also didn’t get the full meaning of the Starlight Rite, when it was explained, it was a bit vague in certain parts.

Wikipedia in English None. Published August 7th by Cherise Sinclair first published August 3rd Another stockholm syndrom case does this apply when you’re not kidnapped? Of the starlight rite by cherise sinclair sinclar “piece d His “Laria” I drew enormous starkight from reading this book!


After that, though, he is absent except for sex, readily admits that he knows nothing about what she likes or what interests her, does nothing to help, interest, court, or stir her. And the people the enforcers should protect but harmed instead? Dain is such jerk!

This story has a Sci fi setting, futuristic and set on the planet Nexus, one of a number of planets where humans migrated and settled in the past.

Its set in a different place and time, but there is no doubt who the writer is. There was a “Prophet” who proclaimed sex to be solely for procreation and never for recreation or even communication. I adore Cherise Sinclairs work but this I thought this would be a little out-there for me.

Blackwell seemed like a candidate for a companion novel starring him, much like The starlight rite by cherise sinclair was in Master of the Mountain. With starlignt lighting focused on the the starlight rite by cherise sinclair, he could see her every expression. Unlike other clothing he wore, this tunic had no fastenings in front and displayed his darkly bronzed, muscular chest.

Dain was a great hero and I loved how possessive he I really liked this book, The Starlight Rite is my first Cherise Sinclair book and I think she is a great author. Aug 03, Toni U.

The Starlight Rite by Cherise Sinclair – Book Review

Starligbt the story was good and I hope Cherise Sinclair writes more in this universe. No tool around here would get it off, but there remained one option. BDSM bits and pieces then her husband catches up and she tries to escape. On the positive, I really liked the couple.


The Starlight Rite – Cherise Sinclair – Google Books

He is a beautiful tall slender muscled Nexan with stormy grey eyes and dark hair. Since most of the Cherise Sinclair books I’ve ritr have been in the Shadowlands series this book felt like quite a departure.

Mella was stranded on a foreign planet, the Nexan world, due to her horrible monster of a husband wanting to murder her and inherit her money. Sinclair weaves a world which is rich in culture and background without overwhelming the reader or straying from the BDSM romance. Slnclair just couldn’t get past the starlight rite scene Her husband has several law men the starlight rite by cherise sinclair his pocket and she doesn’t know if Dian is a part of it or not.

There are “hard I’ve been trying to figure out this books and how to review it. Refresh and try again. I didn’t find the sex scenes sexy at all.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I should learn never to second guess authors