Another Redwall adventure you won’t forget! The devious ruler Vilaya the Sable Quean and her hordes of vermin have a plan to conquer Redwall. And when. 3 Jun The courageous Redwall creatures band together as Vilaya, the evil Sable Quean, and her horde of vermin attempt to make off with the young. 23 Feb The Sable Quean: A Tale of Redwall. by Brian Jacques. Redwall Abbey is hundreds of years old. It has withstood countless assaults and.

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Vilaya tried to slay Zwilt, but Zwilt was faster; he sliced her side open, and she fell unconscious with the pain.

Adder-venom coated dagger in a crystal sheath Death: If they hadn’t done that, neither Globby nor Brother Tollum would have died! Quotes from The Sable Quean.

The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques |

Previous page of related Sponsored Products. This so far has been one of my favorite books I have ever read. Qudan story itself is about dibbuns or young woodland animals going missing because they are being kidnapped by the Sable Quean.

I enjoyed the book. Brian Jacques, Full Cast Length: A kind watervole, Mumzy, who has been watching and knows there are other Ravagers about, moves the trio of young ones from Axtel’s campsite to her concealed bankside home nearby.

Write a customer review. So they asked Buckler and Diggs if they would help and they could not move the boat at all. Memorable villains if not the most ostentatiously evil and an ensemble of sympathetically displayed woodlanders give the novel an excellent cast.


Call of the Dragon: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Diggs, who has completely forgotten who he is and now believes himself to be a colonel in the Long Patrol, wanders away from the Abbey, but returns in company with Mumzy and yhe freed captives. The unlike-ness of any other of Jacques’ books makes this one stand out. On the other hand, The Sable Quean does do some cool stuff hearkening back to earlier books: The Redwall series of books is well written and perfect for both young and young-at-heart readers.

Yet he is no match for his ruler, Vilaya the Sable Quean.

Most Helpful Most Recent. But while the battle raged Zwilt the shade climbed in and attacked the main building. And everyone was happy in the end! The Rogue Crew Redwall. Quotes Add a Quote.

We travelled an’ fought an’ feasted, we triumphed, we marched and songs were sung, We faced death, saw life and adventure! I like to think he’s just really genre-savvy.

The Sable Quean

This proves to be her undoing, as Ambrevina falls right on top of the Sable Quean; the force causes the poison phial necklace to break, the shards piercing Vilaya and slaying her. Feb 23, Pages Middle Grade 10 and up Buy. When young Brian refused to falsely say that he had copied the story, he was caned as “a liar”. The shrews helped get the boat moving again. While there are a few weak links, most of the performances are not only solid, but excellent. In rage, the Sable Quean stabs the young otter with a poisoned blade she wears in a phial about her neck, slaying him.


Where males and females are heroes and warriors. I’d love to see this explored in the contexts of different species, too. Instead of merely having the same old vermin vs. From that basic skeleton, there are a number of tropes that show up fairly consistently, too numerous to name.

The Sable Quean (Redwall, book 21) by Brian Jacques

May 16, Joseph Leskey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: While Zwilt is busy fighting the hare that I think was supposed to be the “main” hero of the novel Buckle, with little to no character like everyone else in hereClarinna picks up the sword of Martin and takes matters into her own hands. Sable Place of Origin: Now, pass me some of that strawberry fizz! His vision of the peaceable kingdom rings true as it is surrounded by the powers and principalities that would see it destroyed.

So then te vermin attacks Redwall Abbeyand are defeated. John’s School, an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof. To begin, I love the cover. This book is comfortably familiar yet unique in that way only the great Brian Jacques could accomplish. The last three minutes of the book were not there!!!

Sables, as creatures, had not appeared before.