The Buddha spoke of the power of mindfulness in a very emphatic way: See Nyanaponika Thera, The Heart of Buddhist Meditation. (London: Rider & Co. The Heart of Buddhist Meditation has ratings and 17 reviews. by. Nyanaponika Thera, This is a classic text on the essence of Buddhist meditation. 4 Jan The Heart of Buddhist Meditation: A Handbook of Mental Training Based On the Buddha’s Way of Mindfulness by Nyanaponika Thera. Buddhist.

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Occasional periods of seclusion, however, arc helpful for initiating methodical the heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera strict practice, and for stepping up the progress in it. It teaches, for that purpose: The daily life is its working material.

Clear Comprehension Clear Comprehension extends to all functions of the body: Its positive function is to concentrate the dispersed energy of man.

The true aim of Satipatthana is nothing less than final Buddhsit from Suffering which is also the highest goal of the Buddha’s teaching – Nibbana.

They should further be willing to admit that mathematical laws, found out long ago in distant The heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera, arc teh no less validity today, in Britain or elsewhere. The domain’ giKaru of the practice of Medittion Mindfulness has no rigid boundaries. Mindfulness is one of the five Faculties ttulriya ; the other four arc: Nyanaponika Thera Snippet view – Mindfulness of Breathing is an important factor of physical and mental health, though that is only incidental to the practice.

Therefore, in the Satipatthana method loo. Lynn Rossy rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Open Preview See a Problem? An excellent exegesis of the Satipatthana Sutta. You are commenting using your WordPress. That direct confrontation with actuality, which is to mature into Insight, is obtained by the practice of Bare Attention, and of Sulipallhana in general.

Nyanaponika Thera

Here, too, the sequence of development will proceed as before: It restrains the blind impetuosity and wilful ness of man’s wishes or desires, aims or ideals. Betake yourselves to no external refuge! In its elementary manifestation, known under the term attention’, it is one of the cardinal functions of consciousness without which there cannot be perception of any object at all.


In terms of the Dhamma, it is the first of the three Characteristics, or Signata.

The content of the heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera passages is briefly as follows: Fear, however, is not a very reliable brake on man’s impulses, and it constantly poisons the atmosphere by creating a feeling of frustration w hich again will fan Ihc fires of hate. This is declared precisely in the first two verses of the Dhammapada.

The pupils of the Venerable U Narada spread the knowledge of Ins method m Burma as well as in other Buddhist countries, and many were greatly benefited by it in their progress on the Path. Thoroughness of procedure will make the road of inner progress as safe as one may reasonably expect in a venture that aspires to such heights. Mindfulness of Breathing is not at all a simple method but, for all that, most worthy of adoption.

The heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera may suffice here for indicating the general principle underlying the practice of Bare Attention. These commentaries, at least m their substance, date, almost certainly, back to the very earliest time of the Doctrine.

To a thoughtful mind, more gripping and heart-rending than all the numerous single facts of suffering produced by recent history, is the uncanny and tragic monotony of behaviour that prompts mankind to prepare again for a new bout of that raving madness culled war.

That means, he will always be exposed to the danger of losing what he has achieved m his earlier practice, or of losing sight of it. By doing so he will soon feel how much more harmoniously such days are passing compared with those when he gave in to the slightest stimulus for interfering by deed, word, emotion or thought. The remaining part of this textual passage indicates the results of the aforementioned twofold practice, i.

Bare Attention, keeping faithfully to its post the heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera observation, watches calmly and without attachment the unceasing march of time: They the heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera meant to arouse, in a passionately sensual nature, disgust towards the object of his desire though, in some eases, other methods may prove more suitable.


Thus the two domains of meditation and ordinary life will merge – to the benefit of both. This mental dissection dissolves the vaguely held notion of the oneness of the body, by pointing to its various parts: Sep 18, Nyilinset added it.

Full text of “The Heart Of Buddhist Meditation Nyanaponika Thera Nyananponika Thera”

By following the instruction, incomplete statements and misjudgements, resulting from an insufficient range of mindfulness, and one-sided attitudes, the heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera be eliminated. The Truth Dhamma be your island, the truth be your refuge!

And this refers particularly to the things of the mind’. This, and only this, is the ultimate purpose of the method described here, and it is the highest form of its mind- liberating function. Tins lias to be understood in a twofold way. This function of germinal mindfulness, or initial attention, is still a rather primitive process, but the heart of buddhist meditation by nyanaponika thera is of decisive importance, being the first emergence of consciousness from its unconscious subsoil.

A shorter German version of the first part without chapters 3 and 6 was also included in the author’s Satipatthana. Two facts, however, must be remembered in this connection. Here Salipalthana teaches how to control and to improve man’s principal tool, the mind, and it shows the right purpose for its use. Past and future are.

This w ill prove to be of considerable assistance on Ihc road of progress.

I do not know of any book which could be compared to this work as a guide to meditation. Thera has a vast experience to draw on and a very wise and specific knowledge of this sutta.