Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by R. K. Narayan, set in and around the fictitious town of Malgudi in South India. Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories has ratings and 50 reviews. umberto said: If we want to relax and have a good time with a book, I’d like to r. 16 Apr R.K. Narayan’s Under the Banyan Tree is really a collection of sketches rather than short stories that bring to readers the daily life of the India of.

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Thanks for your comment, Sharad! Finally accepting reality, he tells his ‘last story’, a recognition that all our talents are God-given and transient. When Nambi told a story he never used the same character twice. Therefore, more or less, some lingering thoughts can still be in mind inquiring the readers what they themselves should do or solve in such situations. In Narayan’s novels and stories, love blooms and dies; families are happy, then sad; businesses flourish and fail.

Opening thus, the old man went on without a pause for three hours.

Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. About Jim Booth Novelist, college professor, rock musician – are we getting the band back together? This book has a collection of twenty eight delightful short stories of different flavour revolving around the ancient village — Malgudi.


To explore the genre I have been selecting collections of short stories by authors I know nothing about. Best company for a rainy indoor day or at journeys: Most are brief, tightly constructed, and occur within a short period of time, but a few are long, rambling, or cover years: It’s an excellent read. Narayan was certainly a distinguished writer whose novels would perhaps be worth exploring, but mostly I was somewhat underwhelmed by this collection.

We get very quickly that Annamalie is a goofball and that the narrator is alternately amused and frustrated by his eccentricities. One by one, the villagers slip away.

The circumstances may be unfamiliar, exotic even, but the story is one we already know well. Everybody else in the village walks away from Nambi. What is the lamp for when all the oil is gone? Dec 06, Eric rated it really liked it.

The villagers laughed with Nambi, they wept with him, they adored the heroes, cursed the villains, groaned when the conspirator had his initial success, and they sent up to the gods a heartfelt prayer for a happy ending… And so the enchantment continued.

The shepherd, however, is more bemused than anything else. This story describes his adventurous night at the office filled with nightmares and a burglar creeping in. For me, as I have been an avid reader and a blind follower of RKN, my review would be full of perks and appreciations to the author and his pen man ship.


Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories – Wikipedia

It’s not pretentious, but it isn’t so simplistic that voracious readers won’t get anything from it. Consequently, he maintains an enthusiastic, exalted, and sympathetic tone through most of the narration. It kept me occupied but I didn’t really like it. Open Preview See a Problem? Sources for Further Study Booklist.

Henry at timesis able to distill incidences into their essences as well as any of those mentioned writers he is especially like De Maupassant and Saki in his brevity, like Chekov and O. At moonrise, men, women, and children rush to the temple and gather under the banyan tree, abnyan Nambi sits inside the temple, before the goddess, lost in deep meditation. He thinks of schemes and plots to earn money that eventually fail.

This is a collection of 28 stories set in South India by one of the great writers of India. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

He is the only person in the village who shows not only loyalty to Nambi but patience too.