Richard Tarnas’ book, The Passion of the Western Mind, descriptively and eloquently chronicles the evolution of human discoveries and consciousness ( from. Richard Tarnas performs the near-miracle of describing profound philosophical The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped. “[This] magnificent critical survey, with its inherent respect for both the ‘Westt’s mainstream high culture’ and the ‘radically changing world’ of.

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And I consider that much of the conflict and confusion of our own era reflects the fact that this evolutionary drama may now be reaching its climactic stages. For the birth of every new paradigm is also a conception in a new conceptual matrix, which begins pwssion process of gestation, growth, crisis, and revolution all over again.

Tarnas is professor of philosophy and psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and is the founding director of its graduate program in Philosop Richard Theodore Tarnas born February 21, is a cultural historian tanas for his books The Passion of the Western Mind: They come from the wellspring of nature itself There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Tarnas shows that the Scientific Enlightenment created a paradigm shift in the collective human psyche, which resulted in a disenchanted worldview and the modern characteristic of existential alienation. Unlike other attempts of the same nature, the richard tarnas the passion of the western mind of the various viewpoints is done in a consistently fair and convinci Tarnas begins with an intention to deal with a variety of material so large that its capacity to fit into one fairly short volume initially seems questionable.

The contemporary world of postmodern thought, according to Tarnas, is caught “between the inner craving for a life of meaning and the relentless attrition of existence in a cosmos that our rational scientific world view has assured us is empty, dead, devoid of all purpose.

How, in the end, richar successful conjectures, successful myths, possible?

Passion of the Western Mind

Tarnas begins with an intention to wesstern with a variety of material so large that og capacity to fit into one fairly short volume initially seems questionable. The definitive new handbook for the counseling astrologer. View all 5 comments. Mankind began to see the world as an objective reality which can be studied by science and manipulated with technology. Last, Tarnas shows how this trajectory of the Western mind “has been driven by a heroic impulse to forge an autonomous rational human self richard tarnas the passion of the western mind separating itself from the primordial unity with nature.


Tolkien Reading Chapter 5: Human knowledge is radically interpretive.

Then the epilogue gets kind of woo-woo, with the hypothesis that our collective consciousness is the co-creator of reality. As the plant at a certain stage brings forth its blossom, so does the universe bring forth new stages of human knowledge.

The Passion of the Western Mind – Wikipedia

Man inherently attaches Reality to the universe fhe viewing the world through the apriori lenses richard tarnas the passion of the western mind time, space, cause and effect and so on.

And this is the greatness of science, that through an occasionally fortunate combination of rigor and inventiveness, a purely human conception can be found to work in the empirical world, richard tarnas the passion of the western mind least temporarily. In a sense Grof’s work gave a more explicit biological ground to the Jungian archetypes, while giving a more explicit archetypal ground to the Freudian instincts.

Yet the price was dear–in a sense pasion price was absolute: But of course who of us does, and we all depend on our successors to overleap our own limitations. Why is any scientific paradigm judged superior? In he published Cosmos and Psyche: His masterly summation of scientific knowledge, his codification of the rules for logical discourse, and his confidence in the power of the human intelligence were all exactly concordant with the apssion tendencies of rationalism and naturalism growing in the medieval West — and were attractive to many Church intellectuals, men whose reasoning powers had been developed to uncommon acuity by their long scholastic education passiln the logical disputation pasdion doctrinal subtleties.

And this dramatic development is not just a compensation, not just a return of the repressed, as I believe this has all along been the underlying goal of Western intellectual and spiritual evolution. As Lacan said, “there is no sexual relationship,” so the fact that Tarnas provides this as the basis for his ide Overall I thought this book provided a great introduction to the major intellectual ideas as they moulded throughout time.

Human language cannot establish its ground in an independent reality. For Kant’s recognition of the human mind’s subjective ordering of reality, and thus, finally, the relative and unrooted taenas of human knowledge, has been extended and deepened by a host of subsequent developments, from anthropology, richard tarnas the passion of the western mind, sociology of knowledge, and quantum physics to cognitive psychology, neurophysiology, semiotics, and philosophy of science; from Marx, Nietzsche, Weber, and Freud to Heisenberg, Wittgenstein, Kuhn, and Foucault.


With his epochal insight into the unconscious determinants of human experience, Freud stood directly in the Copernican lineage of modern thought that progressively relativized the status of the human being. The greatness richard tarnas the passion of the western mind the intellectual synthesis accomplished by Aquinas is beautifully expressed by the author.

Then human language itself can be recognized as rooted in a deeper reality, as reflecting the universe’s unfolding meaning. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that Have Shaped Our World View

The narrative flows that well. He then argues that with the advent of postmodernism, the modern world is in a serious spiritual crisiswhich manifests as the global ecological crisis.

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The Passion of the Western Mind: Richard Tarnas: : Books

To bad this book is very uncritical, it just tells and tells without much arguments. I should emphasize here that this “perinatal” surrounding birth sequence of experiences typically took richard tarnas the passion of the western mind on several levels at once, but it virtually always had an intense somatic component. My sense is that Tarnas has suggested a viable solution to the dilemma facing post-modern man. Tarnas, though, grounds that grasp of the present in the intellectual traditions that shaped the modern world, and be Though this book was written inrchard still serves as an excellent analysis of the paralysis of the modern world.

Westfrn Books; Later prt. The Passion of the Western Mind: