ABSTRACT: The paper has discussed Ghana’s PNDC Law and related it to international human rights instruments such as the African Charter and the. 30 Nov The PNDC law , is a Ghanaian law, which was passed in and amended in It is a right to property law, which protects the spouse. 16 Mar It was the need to stop this injustice against women and children that led to the enactment of P.N.D.C. Law In my view, however, this Law.

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Wife of late Veep spits fire at funeral service.

The troubles that come in the wake of dying intestate have ruined many families. More than a ride, an experience: Women can also make wills. Any order made by the court in relation to the petition is published. It applies to self-acquired property after which has been bought, inherited or would have been inherited, gifts or awards.

How can pdc first wife, for instance, agree to sell pncc car and share the monetary value with the second wife when she the first wife contributed in pndc law 111 that only vehicle the man left behind? He said although the law attempts to pndc law 111 adequate provision for the spouse and children of the deceased and rectify the inequities of our customary law of succession, it was floored on several grounds either in the substance or implementation of the law which must be critically reviewed.

A brother of the deceased man has a right to inherit the widow and all property of the deceased man.


Thus way, they walk into any decisions they take fully aware. Pndc law 111 may not have the luxury of calling your children to your death bed and telling them who pndc law 111 take what. However, the challenge with the implementation of such laws is that ignorance on the part of the victims. Please login to continue. Chukwumaobi Godwin July 14, Please,can i get details about the testate succession law and intestate succession law with definitions,requirement etc.

Mr Amanoipo however, stressed the need for families of the deceased to be united in securing that document. Thompson so no member of the pjdc raised any objection. If the deceased left behind two children, a year old PhD student and a year old junior high school pupil, whose needs shall be pndc law 111 first if the available resources are limited?


The portions depend on the numbers and existence of each category of heir. Thanks to your explanation, I see that the law in itself us good, but Women are unable to speak pndc law 111 and speak What do you think? After her husband died, a woman surfaced with a set of year old twins pndc law 111 claimed that her pndc law 111 husband was the father of the boys.

The Law says the spouse and the children in this case all have absolute interests. Login or Register to submit a comment!

A widow desires to keep a conflict-free relationship with their in-laws because if she has female pndc law 111, they cannot marry without the consent of their patrilineal uncles and extended family.

I look forward to reading from you. How can two wives who are not on good terms agree to use the only vehicle the man left behind? The matrilineal family system, on the other hand, is practised mainly by the Akans, Tampolense and some parts of northern Ghana. Email Required Please enter your email. What happens if the surviving spouse does not have the money to do so?


In order to promote open and spam-free conversations, Global Property Guide moderates commetns on all articles. If a woman’s husband dies and she is given a significant portion of the wealth, she will be able to educate the children properly, who in turn will become professionals in pnfc future and in turn help the society progress. If all you have today is a single bedroom house, pndc law 111 can make a will.

pndc law 111

Moslems urged to kick against PNDC Law | General News

Ghana Home Africa Ghana Inheritance. In Ghana, any properties acquired by spouses in their own right remain separate throughout their marriage and do not become jointly owned.

My suggestion will be to create awareness and explain pndc law 111 law to these widowed women so that they are sure of the choices they will make and also assure them of societal support to get their right if they speak out and speak up.