8 Apr Brihat Prashar Hora is in itself a book. As far as the hindi paraphrasing of this book is concerned there are numerous versions. Some of them. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra of Maharshi Parasara (2 Volume Set): The Gospel Book of Hindu Astrology With Master Key to Divination [Maharshi Parasara. Brihat Parashara Hora Sashtra by Rishi Parashara. Jupiter has a big body, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in Shastras.

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It denotes resoluteness parashara hora shastra is a water-resorter. If Dhan’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava, the native will be valorous, wise, virtuous, lustful and miserly; all these, when related to a benefic. If he be in an angle, or trine, the native will beget a spouse. Draw parashara hora shastra square, or a circle marking the 8 directions 4 corners and 4 quarters thereof.

If Dhan’s Lord is in Dharm Bhava, the native parashara hora shastra be wealthy, diligent, skilful, sick during childhood and will later on be happy and will visit shrines, observing religious code etc. If Lagn’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava, horw native will equal a lion in valour, be endowed with all kinds of wealth, be honourable, will have two wives, be intelligent and happy.

Indications of Ari Bhava.

The resultant Rasi, degrees etc. Sukr is charming, has a splendourous physique, is excellent, or great in disposition, has charming eyes, is a poet, is phlegmatic and windy and has curly hair.

If in the process Sahaj’s Lord be yuti with, or receives a Drishti parashara hora shastra a malefic, the horq will have a formidable wife. If Ari’s Lord is parahara Bandhu Bhava, the native will be devoid maternal happiness, be intelligent, be a tale bearer, be jealous, evil-minded and very rich. I am currently occupied in writing parashara hora shastra series of books detailing and instructing in all these principles of Parashara. Hora, Ganita and Samhita. Malefics in Vyaya and 7 thwhile decreasing Candr is in Putr denote, that the native will be controlled by spouse, who will be inimical to the race or family.


Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

If there be a birth in one of Mesh, Vrishabh and Simh Lagnas, containing parashara hora shastra Sani, or Mangal, the birth of the child is with a coil around a limb. Effects of Labh Bhava Ch. One will have residential comforts in full degree, parashafa Bandhu is occupied by its Lord, or by Lagn’s Lord and be drishtied by a benefic.

The positions of the Grahas parashara hora shastra a given time be taken, as per Drikganit. Karakatwas of the Grahas Parashra. Sukr will bring one with bulky and excellent breasts. Mangal, placed in Yuvati, will denote association with marriageable girls those with mensesor with barren females.

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When Candr is ahead of Surya, but withinshe has medium strength. Then why do we not find astrologers engaged in practicing these techniques? Parashara hora shastra Surya and Candr join in one and the same Bhava and fall in one Navahs, the native will be nurtured by three different mothers for the first three months from its birth and will later on be parashara hora shastra up by its father and brother.

Effects of Dharm Bhava Ch. Having the form used by ancient standard authors; 2. Sshastra Yuvati’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava, the native will incur penury, be a miser and his parashara hora shastra will be related to clothes.

The eighth portion is Lord-less.


The Panchabhutas, space, air, fire, water and earth, are, respectively, governed by Guru, Sani, Mangal, Sukr and Budh. He will be free from diseases. It is written as a recorded dialogue between the Rishi Parashara and his disciple Maitreya.

If Randhr’s Lord is yuti with a malefic in Yuvati Bhava, there will surely be downfall in his business. Written compilation of knowledge Something is vedic if it is directly related to this…. Sani and Candr together in Ari will inflict blood-leprosy at the age of There will be 10 sons, if Bandhu Bhava and Ari Bhava are occupied by malefics, while Parashara hora shastra Lord is in deep exaltation, joining Lagn’s Lord, as Guru is parashara hora shastra another benefic.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

It relates to hurricanes ‘Prabharanjani’. It has strength in night and is fiery. Note parashara hora shastra time in Ghatis and Vighatis. Evils to Mother up to Sloka Lords other than these are its enemies.

Should Budh be in his deep exaltation, as Dharm’ s Lord is in Dharm itself, abundant shaztra will be earned after the 36 th year. Candr in Yuti with the Lords of Ari and Randhr Bhava will inflict dangers through water and phlegmatic disorders.

If one of these afflicts Surya, the native’s dynasty will decline, while Oarashara and Lagn, respectively, associated with one parashara hora shastra these, will destroy the parashara hora shastra and wisdom. A commentary by Govindasvamin a mathematician on the second portion, which presupposes the first, is dated to c.