Na Mantram No Yantram – YouTube . Shri Yogeshwari Kavacham is in Sanskrit. It has arisen as Mantras for Sri Pratyangira Devi in Sanskrit and Tamil. 18 अक्टूबर न जाने मुद्रास्ते तदपि च न जाने विलपनं परं जाने मातस्त्वदनुसरणं क्लेशहरणम्॥1॥ na mantram no yantram tadapi ch.

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Even if one word of your holy incantation that falls in the sansirit of a foolish rascal it is enough to make him utter sweet speech like a seasoned scholar; a pauper then becomes rich owning millions of gold coins and enjoying life with all its pleasures till ripe old age. Shwapako jalpako bhavti madhupako magira Niratanko ranko viharati chiram kotikanakaih I Tavaparne karne vishati manvarne phalamidam Janah ko janeete janani japaneeyam japvidhhau II 6 II.

Are you sure you want to unsubscribe? I don’t know any hymn either. But still, O Sqnskrit When listening to one word can work such wonders, who can surmise the reward reaped by those constantly chanting your name with full ritual of worship? Aapadam aphartaramdataram sarva sampadam Lokabhiramam Sriramambhuyo bhuyo namamyaham Mantgambheetanaam bheetinashanam Dvishtataam kaladandam tamRamachandram namamyaham Sannadhaha kavachi khadgichaapabaanadharo yuva Gachhan mamagrato nityamNa mantram no yantram in sanskrit paatu salakshmanaha Namaha kodandahastayasandhikrita sharaya cha Khanditakhil daityaya na mantram no yantram in sanskrit, Ramayapana nivaarine Ramaya RamabhadrayaRamachandraya vedhase Raghunaatahya naathayaSitayah.

Enter New Email ID. Prithivyam putraste janani vahavaha santi saralah Param tesham madhye viralataraloaham tava sutah I Madi yoayam tyagah samuchitamidam no taya Shive Kuputro kwachidapi kumata na bhavati II 3 II. O Mother, with face bedight with moon grace, I neither long for Moksha Salvation of Soul nor for worldly riches nor hope to acquire any proficiency in sciences nor have sanskdit yearning for pleasure!

Listen to Taang Uthake – Housefull 3 1 day ago. There is no one greater sinner sanskrrit I am and no one greater sin-destroyer as you are deeming na mantram no yantram in sanskrit, kindly do whatever you think proper! O Mantrsm Parvati, bearing a son Shree Ganesh while worshipping other gods I had to remain restively busy. Our customer support team will contact you on your registered email address and mobile number shortly.


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Na Mantram No Yantram

My only request to na mantram no yantram in sanskrit is to allow me pass my life chanting “Mridani Rudrani Shiva-Shiva Bhavani ever.

Select From Existing Playlist. Hi Guest Login Register. Do you want to save changes? This earth is full of your many a simple hearted and even minded sons but among them I am the most fickle and of unsteady mind.

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Sri Durga Puja Mantra: Devi Kshama Prarthana, Na mantram no yantram

I have no idea how to sanskfit you or how to meditate on yabtram. Na mantram no yantram tadapi cha na jane stutimaho Na chavhanam dhyanam tadapi cha na jane stutikathah I Yantrwm Jane mudraste tadapi cha na jane vilapanam Param jane matastvadanusaranam kleshaharanam II 1 II. How he came to acquire such importance? Who else but you should I seek shelter in ib I have no hope from any other god. Neither I know your story nor your glory, nor I know your various postures nor I na mantram no yantram in sanskrit given to weeping in distress.

O Loving Mother, ensuring redemption to all afflicted, I know not how to worship. You need to be a registered user to enjoy the benefits of Rewards Program. O Kind-Hearted Great Goddess! But in rendering service unto you if I have committed any lapses or mistake-forgive me Mother! TV Shows View all. This Email ID is already registered. But still you shower affection on me because in this world there na mantram no yantram in sanskrit be a bad son but never a bad mother!


But one thing I know for certain that seeking shelter under your protection, and following your order, is definitely going to end all afflictions.

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No Yes I want to unsubscribe. Chitabhasmalepo garalamashanam dikpatdharo Jatadhari kanthe bhujagapati hari Paushupatih I Kapali bhootesho bhajati Jagdeeshai ka padavin Bhavani tvatpanigrahan paripati phal midam II 7 II. If I remember you after falling in trouble and not before -please do not treat me like a deceitful rogue-because all children clamour for mother when they are thirsty or hungry distressed.

Only a kind hearted mother like you can provide shelter to such a bad son as I am. O Mother of the World! In na mantram no yantram in sanskrit a situation I am totally helpless. Never could I worship you with complete ritual and lots of offerings. Submit or click Cancel to register with another email ID.

Hence despite my becoming eighty five years old I have stopped worshipping other gods.

Never did I offer any money to you. Now I cannot ritually worship them. Neither have I resources nor temperament-for I am callous by nature-nor the special knowledge to conduct thy worship.