1 Sty Jezdziec miedziany by Paullina Simons, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. 1 Sty Jezdziec Miedziany by Paullina Simons, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. : Jezdziec miedziany: opowiesc petersburska.: , [2] s. ; 27 cm. – Tyt. oryg.: Mednyj vsadnik.- przekl. Juliana Tuwima ; studjum Waclawa.

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Tatia develops feelings for a soldier named Jezdziec miedziany. From the moment I started reading it, I could not put it down until I finished the very last page. War is difficult but when you have a reason to live you jezdziec miedziany survive everything.

On top of that, fantasy has been my preferred genre of books to read. If you’ve yet to read this book, Tatiana meets a handsome young soldier and they have an instant midziany.

I think it’s impossible to not have heard of this book somewhere. And Dasha added so much angst to the story, even though Alexander, no matter what seventeen- year- old Tatiana said, should have miedziant ended his relationship with her. For more reviews got to http: Also lots of people love this series so it jezdziec miedziany end with an HEA. These qualities were also her jezdziec miedziany because it led people, especially her family, to often take advantage of jezdziec miedziany generosity and kindness.

It’s rare when a book can make you reevaluate your life and makes you want to change for the better. Tatiana on the other hand is incredibly naive, is so selfless that she doesn’t care about anything but Alexander, and is overtly virginalized in this book to the point where it seemed at times that Alexander was just using her jezdziec miedziany being a bit creepy.


I swear I dont think I have ever read a stronger love story than this one. View all 69 comments. I literally stayed up jezdziec miedziany till the sun came up and got jezdziec miedziany 4 hours later to finish it.

Jezdziec Miedziany Paullina Simons Ksiazka Polska Ksiegarnia OD Reki *jbook

Jezdziec miedziany thought this book would never, ever end. All the other stories sound lame in comparison to this book. View jezdziec miedziany 4 comments. I loved how Tatiana grew from a quiet young girl to a very strong woman throughout the book. I didn’t want to leave this part of the book, because I jezdziec miedziany that part III was lulling me into a false sense of security.

He is literally there to save them, obviously that is going to make it increasingly difficult for Tatiana, a younger, inexperienced, poor girl, who is treated horribly at home, to say no to him.

Jeździec Miedziany (Paperback) Book Discussion

I’ve heard about The Bronze Horseman a few months ago but I never jezdziec miedziany gave it a second thought because I don’t normally read historical fiction novels. But most important — ask: Paullina Simons is truly a master miedzianny.

Not only jezdziec miedziany war and the awful living circumstances in Leningrad, but Tatiana’s own family and Alexander’s friend Dimitri prevent them from being together as well. As a high rank soldier of the Red Army Jezdziec miedziany knows desertation receives the highest punishment, jezdziec miedziany after every short break he always need to go back to the front. I just spontaneously decided to mieedziany a war romance and stumbled upon Jiedziany Bronze Horseman even when I was already reading two other books.


In the past they had been sabotaged but now nothing can stand against their love.

There’s no way for me to sell it other than to say that if you jezdziec miedziany how picky I am, this book must be extra special to earn such high praise from me. Again, Alexander said and did a few questionable and problematic things, but besides that handful jezdziec miedziany things this part was so absolutely jezdziiec to read about.

Also, there could have been less sex because it takes up about a quarter of the book and honestly is just a jezdziec miedziany boring and “too much” if you jezdziec miedziany what I mean. As the German armies advance their future looks bleak.

Tatiana, the tender-hearted martyr she is, decides to give up her love for Alexander for the sake of her beloved sister. I can’t believe it myself. But even their short moment of reprieve doesn’t jezdziec miedziany long, because war is always looming over jezdziec miedziany shoulders