Ilm e Jafar. likes. Allah pak ky Naam se shoro karta hon jo dilon k raaz khob janta hai. Iss elm ko seekhny main mujhy kafi waqt ab ap ki. 25 Mar Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: Ilm ul jafar, Author: zeeshan, Name: Ilm ul jafar. The second oldest ilm is Ilm-e-Rummal (geomancy)which has been related to many Prophets, especially Prophet Adam, Prophet Idris and Prophet Daniel.

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The Differnt Alloom knowledges The Ilm of Astrology Let it be clear that, out of those Alloom plural of ilm which provide the information regarding the future and the past, the ilm of astrology is the oldest. The first thing is to follow the cleanliness conditions ilm e jafar earlier.

It is very easy to make mistakes.

Ilm e Jafar : A Glimpse From The History

See chapter 4 for ilm e jafar b enefic and malefic positions mafar the planets. That is why, when the Moon is conjunct the Sun or is in the sign of Scorpio or in any other way in fall or inimical, it is forbidden to write it. Both have the same value, status, benefit and the rules ilm e jafar extraction of results.

In the book Tareekh e Asar Jafri page 74 it is written that the book of jafar is with the family of Abdul Momin. The ilm e jafar of the numbers will follow in the normal way.

Therefore ilm-ul-Jaffer is the only ilm that not only provides the information of past and future, ilm e jafar also is not a hindrance to prayers, because by ilm-ul-Jaffer itself is a prayer.

If left with Two, then add One in the ninth box. Power of imagination is a must for these ilm. Position of the Ascendant.


Lean Ilm e Jafar – Part 2 | Roohani Aloom (Eng)

If the remainder is divisible by four then the. In the second box will ilm e jafar one Bay and three Alif. This ilm e jafar advised in many books of Hadiths and others. So let it be clear that when one has to write a Taweez of Names of Allah or Azeemat holy versesthen he should take the numbers of it, according to Jamal Kabir, and then subtract twelve out of it.

If it is a four-letter word, then one can find ilm e jafar in one box. Living, food and love. Friendship and Enmity of Planets It ee very important that one should keep in mind the friendship and the enmity of each planet in consideration.

And even ilm e jafar one has very deeply and carefully studied the drawings of all the sixteen types of horoscopes geomantic figuresmany times he will make mistakes and it will bring him nothing but embarrassment.

Before giving references it will be better to mention the names of scholars along with their books in which they have proved the genuineness of Jafar. Since I mentioned Taweez, ilm e jafar seems reasonable that I, in this respect, write briefly on this too. For destruction and conquering of enemies, war, battles, etc. Third is the three letter word Hutti. The result ilm e jafar both is the same.

Ilm ul jafar by zeeshan – Issuu

This is ilm e jafar only to jfaar the above statement. In the second kind, one will concentrate ilm e jafar his soul to find out the required matter. Power and Weakness of Planets. The same rules apply for the writing or reading of Azeemat and Taweez. And the Sun was one 1 degree of Aries, and the time was 10 Gharis. We are left with 18, which will go to Taurus.


Learn Ilm e Jafar – P2

Ilm e jafar method for this is to take the total ilm e jafar of the Azeemat or name of Allah and add them up. One must take into consideration the Element factor in each case, especially for the one jafad wants to jafaar Ammal done and the subject on whom the Ammal is being done. Kaleman He talked 8. Then angel Jibraeil a. If it is a four-letter word, then you ilm e jafar find it in one box, and if more than four letters then take it from the next box and therefore the line where the name is found in iom box is the diary of that person or matter.

For Earth he should face South and sit on clean earth soil. In addition see Futuhat, v. There are two ilm e jafar kinds: First Illm – Abjad-e-Jammal Kabb i r The letters of all eight words and the i r numer i cal values are as follows: The Imams also learned the science of Huruf letters of the alphabet from al-Jafr and used this science to derive facts and rulings from al-Jafr.

Ordinary people cannot attain mastery in this knowledge. I am also doing the same and will write ilm e jafar what ever I got from the ancestors, so that one can benefit from it. Ali the Magnificent, Compiled by Yousef N. Third seven are Water 4.

Now the Sun always rises with the sign it ilm e jafar in. If he writes it, he should then bury it in the earth or soil. The next number has to follow the sequence in following way.