Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Alert Crown Saver Device – Near Miss.

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Maintenance — Trapped Pressure. Personnel Hoisting Incident Results in a Fatality.

Safety Alerts Archive

High Potential — Dropped Pony Collar. Top Drive Swivel Stem Parted. Near Miss — Dropped Casing Rabbit. High Potential Incident — Dropped Light.

Let me know if you want a copy. Misuse of High Pressure Cleaner. Dropped Object from Snubbing Unit. Unprotected Flywheel Results in a Fatality. Leon Jan 23, at 7: This discussion is a part of our pre tour meeting as well. Energy Qlerts Must be Taken into Account. Dropped Object from Derrick.


Dropped Object in the Derrick. Mohanraj senthilkumar Feb 23, at H 2 S Inhalation: Tank Welding — High Potential Incident. Fall Results in Recordable Injury.

Dropped Object — Crane Boom Lattice. Mohd Aizad Mar 12, at 8: Employee Falls from Derrick Board. Unsecured Cover Fractures Arm. Your email address will not be published.

Fatality — Contract Welder. Submit your Safety Alert here. Dangers of Foam Sealant.

Leon Johnstone Jan 23, at 7: Standing Under Suspended Load. Crown Saver Device — Near Miss. Unrecognized Hazard Results in Laceration to Leg. Falls from Mud Mixing Platform. Proper Job Planning and Review. Jeff Milburn Jan 26, at 8: Tong Incident Results in a Fatality. Each safety alert provides a description of the incident, the cause, and how it could have been avoided.

Miscommunication Results in a Near Miss. Improper tool Selection Results in Injury. Welding Shop Trash Cans. The latest safety alerts are: Stabbing Board Incident Results in Fatality. I am a Safety Officer and I have been following the news posted on IADC website and these new alerts are very important to ensure safety in the oil and gas drilling industry.


Safety Alerts Archives – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Rig Carrier Drives Off Accidentally. Galley Fire Occurs During Drill. Regards Allan Dumbong Sabah, Malaysia. Trapped Pressure Following Casing Test.

IADC issues new safety alerts – Drilling Contractor

Valentin Jan 30, at 6: Fall from Equipment onto a Trailer Results in a Laceration. Casing Stabbing Basket Incidents. Battery Charging, Ventilation, and Storage. Mud Pit Dump valve Handle.