21 Mar Four steering system is about the maneuvering of the wheel using all four wheel. Which allows the vehicle to take sharp turn at slow speed and. 7 Mar Four-wheel steering, 4WS, also called rear-wheel steering or all-wheel steering, provides Sign Up to view and download full seminar reports. 18 Oct `There are three types of production of four-wheel steering systems: 1. Thread: Four Wheel Steering PPT PDF Seminar Report & Paper.

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This is referred to reporg rear-end lag, because there is a time delay between steering input and vehicle reaction. The planetary gear meshes with the matching teeth of an internal gear that is secured in a fixed position to the gearbox housing. Rear stteering turning is four wheel steering system seminar report limited to during an opposite direction turn.

This forces fluid into the front power cylinder, and the front wheels turn in the direction steered. March 7th, by 1 Comment. The vehicle responds more quickly to steering input because rear wheel lag is eliminated.

Four Wheel Steering PPT PDF Seminar Report & Paper Presentation

It improves handling and help the vehicle make tighter turns. Rear wheel turning is generally limited to during an opposite direction turn. The fluid pressure varies with the turning of the steering wheel. A degree turn of the steering wheel rotates the planetary gear to move the slider in the same direction that the front wheels are headed.


As the steering is turned, the four wheel steering system seminar report body sways as the rear wheels again try to keep up with the cornering forces generated by the front wheels.

When the steering wheel is turned, the front steering pump sends fluid under pressure to the rotary valve in the front rack and pinion unit. When both the front and rear wheels steer toward the systen direction, they are said to be in-phase and this produces four wheel steering system seminar report kind of sideways movement of the car at low speeds.

This causes the vehicle to sway.

This paper deals with the details of four wheel steering 4WS system. The rear rwport turn only in the same direction as the front wheels. Proportionately, the rear wheels turn the steering wheel about 1.

Your Mobile Number required. The farther it moves, the more fluid it allows through to move the rear wheels. The steerkng is also fed under the same pressure to the control valve where it opens a spool valve in the control valve housing.

References for Four Four wheel steering system seminar report Steering System http: Production-built cars tend to understeer or, in few instances, oversteer. The car momentarily resists the turning motion, causing a tire slip angle to steerig. Each of these must be balanced against the others. This system finds application in off-highway vehicles such as fork lifts, agricultural and construction equipment and mining machinery.

During a same direction turn, rear wheel steering is limited to about To understand the advantages of four-wheel steering, it is wise to review the dynamics of typical steering maneuvers with a conventional front -steered vehicle. It should not be confused with four-wheel drive in which all four wheels of a vehicle are powered. The tires are subject to the forces of grip, momentum, four wheel steering system seminar report steering input when making a movement other than straight-ahead driving.

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March 28, at 5: These forces compete with each other during steering maneuvers. Sign Up to view and download full seminar reports. When the front and rear wheels are steered in opposite direction, this is called anti-phase, counter-phase or opposite-phase and it produces a sharper, tighter turn.

However, when the driver turns the wheel slightly, all four wheels react to the steering input, causing slip angles to form at all four wheels. As the spool valve moves, aheel allows fluid from the rear steering pump to move through and operate the rear power cylinder.

The hydraulic 4WS uses a two-way hydraulic cylinder to turn both the four wheel steering system seminar report in the same direction. As with two-wheel steer vehicles, tire grip holds the four wheels on the road. Once the vehicle begins to respond to the steering input, cornering forces are generated. The front wheels do most of the steering.

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