Facercise by Carole Maggio is a series of facial exercises designed to eliminate Free Facial Exercise Videos to Naturally Treat Wrinkles, Laugh Lines, Dark. 6 Nov Carole Maggio, facial exerciser to the stars, takes us through some basic, humiliating facercises in this VHS gem. 8 Apr Carole Maggio’s Facercise has helped many thousands of people look younger without surgery through her scientifically-designed precision.

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Someone recommended yoga facial exercises and a lady called Rose Tran.

I do about 5 mins a day at home, most days. I still think diet is carole maggio facercise free most important factor in how your face carole maggio facercise free, but the facial exercises seem to be a great way to keep everything where it belongs. I did measure them before and after, and much to my amazement, I lost a total of three inches from each thigh.

I am truly loving this look!! Yes, there are a ton of facial exercise videos on there.

Download Carole Maggio Facercise (R) (Revised) PDF Free – Video Dailymotion

It looks like you may have been trying them for a while. Ultimate Facercise utilizes the body differently with posturing movements to create more resistance. Hi Ladies, thanks so much for the facerclse

Still recovering from the recent craziness. Two years ago, I had liposuction to eliminate quite prominent yawls. There are only one or two problem areas I want to treat.


Be very very careful with it, because it creates new lines on your face, destroys its natural look. The carope from Jack Lalanne are entertaining.

It is red and peeling and puffy in a bad way all around my mouth. I hope it helps! Sign up for tips, news and specials delivered straight to your inbox.


Before Facercise I always cried on why my face was so thin with no definition and cheeks. I do Vinyasa Flow Level yoga only 2 times a week.

And how do i get rid of the new muscle and thin my nose overall? Best carole maggio facercise free luck with it though! I am so happy with the results and people around me are surprised too. Acne and wrinkles, what a fine combo!! Once you learn the moves, it takes about 11 minutes to run through the whole routine. If face exercises can beat out genetics, even… I guess anyone who wants to look young as long as possible is crazy not to be doing them!

carole maggio facercise free

Facercise on Vimeo

carole maggio facercise free I think you have to rub much more gently, particularly when doing the pulsing. Where did you lose the fat on your face? I can think of one more testimony to the efficacy of Facercise: More resistance equals faster and better results in a much shorter period of time.


The theory makes a lot of sense, but I am really nervous about causing more wrinkles. The things that have made the most difference carole maggio facercise free dietary changes more healthy fats and no fluoridecupping massage, and using quality oils on my face, such as coconut oil and ozonated olive oil.

I have no idea how to do what she is asking us to do.

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Please let me know how you make out! I love face exercises and I usually notice pretty quickly some subtle changes in my face after doing them. They turn down a little bit.

That makes sense, Viv, especially if your skin is really tight and dry. The mind-muscle connection is still a very important component of the program. Someone please correct me if I am wrong! Cutting-edge carole maggio facercise free treatments help lift, firm and tone carole maggio facercise free inch of your body carolf face, from Stem Carrole Facials and Microdermabrasion to No Lipo Lipo massage treatments.

Where did it cause new wrinkles? I am dying to know how your facial exercises going?