Vibracion, centros fisicos centros espirituales, chakra o plexo, camara kirlian Kirlian .. La science des auras et de l’énergie La Kirlian photography est une. Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography. The process is simple. Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film. El circuito es muy sencillo,consta de un oscilador de 30 o 50kcs. que sirve para exitar a un flybak de tv. cualquiera de tv blanco y negro sirve. de esta forma se.

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A copy of the monitor image is printed and sold to the customer. Retrieved 22 August Kirlian photography does not require the use of a camera or a lens because it is mirlian contact print process. Controlling the Wild Cards. We are open to examine any new evidence or data that comes along. Aura cameras and the photographs they produce are not being sold or marketed as Kirlian cameras and Kirlian photographs. Kirlian photographs have been used as visual components in various media, such as the sleeve of George Harrison ‘s album Living in the Material Worldwhich features Kirlian photographs of his hand holding a Hindu medallion on the front sleeve and American coins on the back, shot at Thelma Moss’s UCLA parapsychology laboratory.

Color photographic film is calibrated to produce faithful colors when exposed to normal light. We have never made any “paranormal” claims to sell our Kirlian photography devices Our devices are sold to make brilliant Kirlian photographs.

Kirlian photography

Sample pictures taken with our devices are shown above and below. Pseudoscience and Extraordinary Claims of the Paranormal: The experiments captured corona discharge images of subjects’ fingertips while the subjects wore sleeves of various natural and synthetic materials on their forearms.

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Sheet film is placed on top of a metal plate, called the discharge or film plate.


Kirlian photography – Wikipedia

Monitor binding posts, to connect to an oscilloscope to monitor frequency and pulse rate of internal oscillator used to energize the high voltage circuit. However, if the imaging surface is cleaned of contaminants and residual moisture before the second image is taken, then no image of the missing section will appear. Oils, sweat, bacteria, and other ionizing contaminants found on living tissues can also affect the resulting images.

Photographs of inanimate objects such as a coins, keys and leaves can be made more effectively by grounding the object to the earth, a cold water pipe or to the opposite polarity side of the high-voltage source.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Basic Kirlian Photography Kirlian photography is a high voltage, contact print photography.

If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, I would be more than happy to examine that data. The results failed to establish a relationship between human contact with the textiles and the corona discharge images and were considered inconclusive.

What’s my opinion of these cameras and their resulting pictures? Rubik’s experiments relied on Konstantin Korotkov’s GDV device to produce images, which were thought to visualize these qi biofields in chronically ill patients. The living aura theory is at least partially repudiated by demonstrating that leaf moisture content has a pronounced effect on the electric discharge coronas; more moisture creates larger corona discharges.

The Kirlians conducted experiments in which photographic film was placed on top of a conducting plate, and another conductor was attached to a hand, a leaf or other plant material. Rubik acknowledges that the small sample size in her experiments “was too small to permit a meaningful statistical analysis”. A Critical Thinker’s Toolkit.

Moss led an independent and unsupported parapsychology laboratory [18] that was shut down by the university in Kirlian work became so well know that the field of high voltage electro-photography is called Kirlian Photography. Bickel, The Skeptical Inquirer Kirlian photography devices and components that are available are provide below.

A typical demonstration used as evidence for the existence of these energy fields involved taking Kirlian photographs of a picked leaf at set intervals. Qigong teaches that there is a vitalistic energy called qi or chi that permeates all living things.


The corona discharge between the object and the plate due to high-voltage is captured by the film. As a result, the changing water content of the leaf can affect the so-called Kirlian aura. The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine.

Retrieved from ” https: Kirlian photography has been a subject of scientific research, parapsychology research and pseudoscientific claims. Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.

It is named after Semyon Kirlianwho, inaccidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate. Retrieved 25 August Just know we make no claim that any interpretation of the corona discharge is due to anything other than standard variable physical parameters as already outlined previously.

Especially illuminating is his discussion of the “phantom leaf” aura that continues to baffle scientists.

Kirliwn articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Commons category link is on Wikidata Webarchive kirliaan wayback links. The developed film results in a Kirlian photograph of the object. A handbook for prospective researchers of the Kirlian effect in biomedicine.

Aura Cameras I am asked frequently about the Aura cameras for sale. Kirlian and his wife were convinced that their images showed a life force or energy field that reflected the physical and emotional states of their living subjects. Kirlian photography is kiglian photograph of a high voltage corona discharge around the subject.

The coronal discharges identified as Kirlian auras are the result of stochastic electric ionization processes and are greatly affected by many factors, including the voltage and frequency of the stimulus, the pressure with which a person or object touches the imaging surface, the local humidity around the object being imaged, how well grounded the person or object is, and other local factors affecting the conductivity of the cmara or object being imaged.

Most expensive photographs Photographers Norwegian Polish street women. The NPI had a laboratory dedicated to parapsychology research and staffed mostly with volunteers.

Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.