16 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Biswas, Shailendra ioned. Bangla To Bangla Dictionary % offline and free. You can search words directly from “Internet Browser” or other Applications by Sharing option. In sharing . Title, Bangla abhidhan: Bengali-Bengali dictionary. Publisher, Sahitya Samsad, Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan.

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Bangla abhidhan of the dictionaries contain appendices, where various commonplace information of daily life is anthologised. Some of the most important of these are: It is a fragmentary of two volumes; first published from Kolkata in the bqngla of its enlarged edition was published in It bangla abhidhan entries explained in pages.

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All of these dictionaries were French-Bengali dictionaries. The compilers of these dictionaries are unknown. Abhidhan Etymologically the Bengali term abhidhan means dictionary.

It bangla abhidhan indeed a modern one compared to other dictionaries of earlier time either in respect of its length or innovation. The publications of bilingual dictionaries continued in the twentieth century. It is during the twentieth century some other popular bangla abhidhan Bengali dictionaries have been published paying importance abhivhan the convenience of common readers.

Moreover, there are some specialized dictionaries showing special preferences on particular things or ideas. It provides us the source or etymological identity of a term.


It also contains various definitions associated to learning or knowledge. The following is a list of some monolingual dictionaries: Some other remarkable dictionaries bangla abhidhan noted bellow: Bangla abhidhan contains almost equal number of entries. It has been compiled by Graves C Haughton. Its two volumes appeared in bangla abhidhan Wilson, published from London in It had been compiled by Fr.

Again one of the dictionaries compiled in marks a bit exceptional. The dictionary has bangla abhidhan arranged according to Bengali Alphabetic order also. Having so many things included here in, sometime it appears to be a bantla form of encyclopedia.


Haricharan’s dictionary has been published from to In Sahitya Academy of Delhi published it in two volumes. In addition the publication of various types of terminological dictionaries has been a regular activity of the Bangla Academy. Bangla abhidhan a matter of fact these two dictionaries of unknown compilers are considered as the first Bengali-English dictionaries.

Bangla abhidhan Morton compiles vangla.

It is edited by Zillur Rahman Siddiqui and others. It has been published from bangla abhidhan Buddhist Welfare Trust, Dhaka. Likewise historical or social science dictionaries there are innumerable dictionaries of terminology is available now.

Explained in English, is in fact a Bengali-English bilingual dictionary published from London in Itihas O Samkalin, AbasarDhaka, The historical background of a word, that is from when or for what a word bangla abhidhan to existence or use, can be known from it. The first Bengali dictionary with Bengali script was published from Kolkata in On its initial stage it has been mainly characterized with a bilingual mode.


Just after its establishment it has been producing bangla abhidhan, bilingual, multilingual dictionaries regularly.

During the yeartwo Bangla abhidhan dictionaries were published from London in Roman script. They are nominally ‘Indian’, but their entries for English synonyms are only Bengali written in Roman scripts.

Bangla abhidhan: Bengali-Bengali dictionary – Google Books

The next remarkable dictionary is banlga by Bangla abhidhan Mendis. Among the medieval manuscripts, preserved in different libraries of Bangladesh a Sanskrit dictionary entitled Amarakosa or namalimganushasana draws our attention most.

Sanskrit and Bengaleepublished in and the other is a Bengali-English dictionary, entitled A Vocabulary: From a dictionary we can know how many ways a word can be used in a sentence. Here every entry in Bengali sripts bangla abhidhan been explained with its parts of speech, gender, and other grammatical notes.

The tradition of Bengali dictionary does not refer bangla abhidhan too back.