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This is also accumulated in the account of sin. Avyakr was going around in all directions and throwing His light in all directions. Baba has made your sparkling form emerge and has shown it to you for a short time: If one waste word is given power then it will make you experience a lot of waste.

You must check whether any waste thoughts are still occurring.

The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada | bkdclasses

At this time yours is the stage of being world mothers and world fathers. You make all sorts of creations. Otherwise weak action brings down the subtle power of the intellect and the quality of mmurli. To transform your attitude and vision is to have a spiritual life. The Applications of Pure Thought The people of the world can get whatever they need done with an order. To hear means that as you listen you become experienced in that swaroop self form or embodiment. Mama showed me a scene, just as they show the umbrellas behind the kings and emperors.


Om Shanti Denise Bhenji, Baba and you have written a brilliant and powerful piece to clarify and understand how our thoughts can define who we are; and when they are in the right mode, how positively powerful they can become.

They may get angry with you, but you respond with the cool water of peace. You have to be clear about one thing: Whether you are a king in name only or a king ruler in your activities as well, you will be able to see all of that for yourself in the palace of mirrors. If thought is waste or negative, then it cannot become a sacrificial offering to the Father.

01/04/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 07/05/83

If you cannot establish yourself in the form of a point quickly, do not waste time trying to set yourself in that. Look at how the whole gathering is visibly sparkling. The Burdened Mind There is the weight of waste pressing on the soul.

You too are seeing one another in this form, are you not? In the same way, wherever you Brahmin souls may be, even amidst an atmosphere of sorrow, you are like a lotus. Intensify your concentration then all forms of instability and fluctuation will be finished off. Are you practiced in this? Before engendering any thought or idea, check whether this thought or idea is liked by the Father, liked by God. January 24th, at 7: Even now, you are sometimes very good in your effort, and sometimes you say: If so what would you call that?

They are constantly with Him and this is why the souls who are equal are constant yogis. To allow even one thought to be waste or fruitless is also a mistake. So, what are the children doing?



Did you understand the second reason? You have changed your mkrli form and are seeing your angelic form, are you not? That means that you also vapdada not be loose, then you will be able to transform the waste into powerful.

You easy yogis, automatic yogis, constant yogis, elevated yogis. This is described as being loving and detached. Newer Post Older Post Home.

So this is also a treasure, it is also energy, and it is also thought.

BapDada was seeing whether all the children have become emperors who are free from sorrow, that is, those who are beyond all types of sorrow. You must check bapdaea as to whether you accept the food of any impure thought through your intellect.

In this regard, what did you see that was the speciality by which Brahma Baba took the number one position? There are no older stories. Even if you look at the faces of those sitting right at the back, they are also sitting in this manner. How far has our study taken us? How is it that you, who have to manage such a vast project, you souls who have been made instruments for accomplishing such a huge task, how is it that you find yourselves free?