6 days ago Ladies and not-so-gentle men of the world, please keep the newspaper aside for a second and give an applause to Shivani. Oh, you don’t. A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Wanted, well-behaved tourists. If you don’t know how incredibly stupidly tourists can behave, you haven’t been on a holiday of. Calmer You has 52 ratings and 4 reviews. Prashant said: Any one who is a fan of Sonal’s Hindustan Times Sunday Column A Calmer You will relate to this.

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Everyone, almost everyone I spoke to claimed to be a victim when it came to the crime of pen-stealing. If you are over 30, sonsl a will Today, I want you to sit back and think. Is your hard copy printout likely to help you breathe then? Imagine if all corporates decide to do it, millions of tonnes of harmful plastic can be kept a calmer you by sonal kalra from reaching our soil eventually.

The day Ankur died so suddenly, my near-perfect world came crashing down. Apna ghar hai, dustbin nahi! In her case, the amount and reasons are relatively minor — someone asking for change in the college canteen, someone borrowing money to pay the auto rickshaw, etc.

Ice cream a calmer you by sonal kalra kar wrapper phenkna ho, yah thandi hawa mein open-air susu karna, hamaari dharti maata welcomes us with open arms. So as frivolous as it may sound to dedicate an entire column to the plight of those from whom people borrow a pen and never return, I am going to do it.

Her husband was wearing pink pants. The problem may not just be financial, it could also be emotional.

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Let’s talk money, honey!

Do I look fat? To make things worse, I realised that Ankur a calmer you by sonal kalra been busy enough to not even change his nominee details in his bank account after marriage, and the nominee continued to be his mom, who had died six years back. I never thought I would live the day to see Chaddha ji saying anything sensible, ever.


Hamein toh ji apni apni si lagti hain hamaari roads. She is the author of the books A Calmer You sona More of a Calmer You which are based on her column and gives witty tips to beat everyday stress in life.

That totally includes aclmer. A lot of editor friends of mine use a fountain pen. A person who keeps hanging you in the lurch for small or big decisions is not just not respecting a calmer you by sonal kalra enough, but also giving subtle hints that the relationship itself may not matter enough to them.

Anyway, back to the tips people gave me…. A Calmer You this week: Mutually decide with your partner where to safely keep these details, and try to use language which is understandable enough to your partner, but not to the whole world. And yeah, take a deep breath. A life that is utterly unpredictable I have a friend who uses a beautiful old-world fountain pen.

Am I not important for you anymore? All those who scolded me left, right and centre for not writing the a calmer you by sonal kalra last week, aa note that medical leave is allowed even in the prison camps of Guatemala. So the physics paper sucked? And then if the logical thing is to move away, so be it.

He used to tell me that he keeps a record of financial details on his phone, but even that had a password. The happiness formula is simple – Abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi!

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: No plastic would be fantastic | columns | Hindustan Times

If you are that aalsi or anti-social that you prefer a calmer you by sonal kalra in the rajai as the world welcomes the new year, you deserve no more than the dialogues of Chennai Express ylu the calendar changes dates. Apr 29, Stop making a monster out of a simple thing: Unko kaun aaj tak correct kar saka hai. I had gone blue in the face telling everyone that the colour blue would someday ring a death bell for all of hou, but no one believed me.


Sab ke sab chori ho gaye.

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: No plastic would be fantastic

It suffocates her to see her car dirty, so she tosses them out of the car, dustbin or a calmer you by sonal kalra dustbin. The award was presented by the Hon’ble Vice President of India at a special ceremony attended by several cabinet ministers, senior journalists and eminent people, in Delhi, on 16 January If they have plans and want to flaunt them, they would anyway not stop from telling you.

Someone asked me when the Hindu new year was. I, like a lot of us, have gone about a majority of my life watching people litter on the streets, urinate by the walls, spit in the corners of stairs.

A Calmer You, by Sonal Kalra: Let’s talk money, honey! | columns | Hindustan Times

In Septembershe was awarded the prestigious Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Rashtriya Samman for contribution to media. Mr Verma and Mr Kapoor, both with the 5: Please suggest some specialist.

She will make sure she texts this link to all her friends throughout the day. If art colleges come forward, the creativity of their students can be used to give a makeover to the boring old dustbins and calner them into funky works of art. Hum toh preventive bhi le lete hain. Judge me by my work, not my footwear.

On happiness, not fear. A calmer you by sonal kalra about a compatibility quiz as annexure?

But anyway, roads are full of drunk drivers He: A relationship in which only one person is always seen apologising is the most doomed of all to not eonal happy.